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Sexy Slayer Eliza Dushku

Spotted at age 10 when she and her brother were auditioning for a commercial and accidentally tripped on the stairs that broke her nose, half Albanian, half Danish, Eliza Dushku made her way to stardom while acting like a drama queen—born December 30, 1980, in Boston, Massachusetts. The youngest of three brothers, she grew up in a Mormon family with parents who are both professors. His older brother Nate happens to be an actor and model. Her parents divorced before she was born.

Since childhood, she has been involved in football and ice hockey. She studied drums, piano, and dancing and became a regular performer at the Watertown Children’s Theater. She attended high school at Watertown High School. She planned to take her English course at Suffolk University, but stardom snatched her away.

Casting asks to star Alice in the movie That Night. She was chosen at the age of 10 by other hopeful people. That period opened doors for her when she starred alongside Robert De Niro and Leonardo di Caprio in This Boy’s Life. She landed on other projects, such as True LiesBye, Love, and Race the Sun. Not only that, but she also appeared in television movies and short films.

After a few years break, Eliza, landed as the sexy and curved Faith in the Warner Bros. show Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the lead role as the hot and sexy Sarah Michelle Gellar. Her role was originally written for five episodes; she lasted the third season and will reprise her role in the two-part episode in season four. Faith returned as a heroine in Angel opposite David Boreanaz. Being an effective actress in a sociopath role, she became an icon of some criminals.

Her massive TV success made it easy to cross the movie scene. Her comeback film Bring It On with Kirsten Dunst is a surprise hit of 2000. The following year she made The New Guy opposite DJ Qualls and her reunion film with Robert De Niro via City By the Sea. Then came Kevin Smith’s movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, along with the hot Ben Affleck, the equally hot and sexy stars Shannon Elizabeth and Ali Larter. Her follow-up film Wrong Turn starred her in the lead role of five people held prey to a group of cannibals.

In 2003, she starred in a FOX TV series Tru Calling where she played the main character, Tru Davies. The series ran for 27 episodes when the network canceled the broadcast in favor of Point Pleasant. She put her feet up on Broadways via Dog Sees God from the original Peanuts comic. Her voice is dubbed in the PlayStation 2 video game Yakuza appeared in Simpthe le Plan’s video, I’m Just a Kid.

Her celebrity status has been put to good use. She helps her father raise money in The Elisha Dushku Foundation, which aims to help Camp Hale and its upkeep. She also landed on Maxim’s charts when she topped the Hot 100 list at number 13. This proves that she is not hot, sexy, and beautiful but also has a heart of gold for those who need it.